Most Anticipated Films Of 2012

My Most Anticipated Films Of 2012, with directors.

Looks like the best line up of movies coming into the year, by great directors, that I’ve seen in a long time, get excited!

  1. ‘The Master’, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson (of There Will Be Blood fame)
  2. ‘Untitled’ Terrence Malick film (of The Tree Of Life fame)
  3. ‘Gravity’, dir. Alfonso Cuaron (of Children Of Men fame)
  4. ‘The Hobbit’, dir. Peter Jackson (of The Lord Of The Rings series fame)
  5. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, dir. Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight fame)
  6. ‘Prometheus’, dir. Ridley Scott (of Alien fame)
  7.  ‘Lincoln’, dir. Steven Spielberg (of E.T: Extra Terrestrial fame)
  8. ‘Untitled’ Kathryn Bigelow Osama Bin Laden film (of The Hurt Locker fame)
  9. ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, dir. Joel and Ethan Coen (of The Big Lebowski fame)
  10. ‘Django Unchained’, dir. Quentin Tarantino (of Pulp Fiction fame)
  11. ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ dir. Wes Anderson (of The Royal Tenenbaums fame)
  12. ‘Les Miserables’, dir. Tom Hooper (of The King’s Speech fame)
  13. ‘Anna Karenina’, dir. Joe Wright (of Atonement fame)
  14. ‘The Kid With A Bike’, dir. Jean Pierra Dardenne (of The Child fame)
  15. ‘The Great Gatsby’, dir. Baz Luhrman (of Moulin Rouge! fame)
  16. ‘Nero Fiddled’, dir. Woody Allen (of Midnight In Paris fame)
  17. ‘Amour’, dir. Micheal Haneke (of The White Ribbon fame)
  18. ‘Skyfall’, dir. Sam Mendes (of American Beauty fame, next instalment in the James Bond franchise)
  19. ‘Dark Shadows’, dir. Tim Burton (of Edward Scissorhands fame)
  20. ‘The Life Of Pi’, dir. Ang Lee (of Brokeback Mountain fame)
  21. ‘Cloud Atlas’, dir. Andy Wachowski (of The Matrix fame)
  22. ‘Only God Forgives’ Nicolas Winding Refn (of Drive fame)
  23. ‘Brave’, dir. Mark Andrews (Pixar studio)
  24. ‘Fork In The Road’, dir. Alexander Payne (of The Descendants fame)
  25. ‘Savages’, dir. Oliver Stone (of Wall Street fame)
  26. ‘John Carter’, dir, Andrew Stanton (of WALL-E fame)
  27. ‘Frankenweenie’, dir. Tim Burton (of Nightmare Before Christmas fame)
  28. ‘The Bourne Legacy’, dir. Tony Gilroy (next in The Bourne fanchise)
  29. ‘Cogan’s Trade’, dir. Andrew Dominik (of The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford fame)
  30. ‘Cosmopolis’, dir. David Cronenberg (of A History Of Violence fame)
  31. ‘He Loves Me’, dir’s Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris (of Little Miss Sunshine fame)
  32. ‘Hyde Park On Hudson’ dir. Roger Michell (of Notting Hill fame)
  33. ‘The Silver-Linings Playbook’, dir. David O. Russell (of The Fighter fame)
  34. ‘Ted’ dir. Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy TV series fame)
  35. ‘Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show TV series)
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