‘Iron Sky’ 2012


‘Iron Sky’ 2012,

Director: Timo Vuorensola, Stars: Juila Dietze, Peta Sergeeant and Udo Kier

Funnier In Theory Than In Practice

Iron Sky aka the ‘Nazi’s on the moon’ movie, is much funnier in theory than in practice. A bad movie that knows it’s bad and is still really, really, bad. Awareness of one’s own crappiness does not make one less crappy. ‘Iron Sky’ may have self consciously wanted to be awful, it certainly wanted to be funny, but ends up being only mildly funny bordering on outright lame, confused, boring, and really terrible. A perfect example of how a hilarious premise, a relatively large budget for a film of its kind (7.5 million), and impressive visuals, can be ruined by horrendous writing, poor acting, confused plot and lame jokes. I won’t even attempt to outline the plot because it would be a waste of time. You’ll get more laughs watching the trailer and thinking about Nazi’s on the moon/invading future earth, than actually seeing this terrible movie. A grand misadventure and missed opportunity. 2/10, C-, *1/2


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