Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor: Ragnarok: Learning the valuable lesson that Deapool taught us, namely: superhero movies shouldn’t take themselves too seriously and have fun, Thor: Ragnarok is the funniest and most enjoyable superhero film I’ve seen in a long time. Made by Taika Waititi, the kiwi director of the hillarious ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ and one of my fav films of 2016 ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’, a director that has broke into the Hollywood mainstream and is fast becoming one of my favourite comedy directors. Chris Hemsworth has to be ‘the’ celebrity sex idol of this decade, those muscles and abs are jaw-dropping and he plays the role of Thor with such glee you cannot help but be won over by his stupid cockiness. It seems like everyone on this film is having a bunch of fun from her majesty Cate Blanchett in a deliciously evil turn, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Ruffalo, a hilarious performance by Jeff Gouldblum and reoccurring cast from the directors previous films. How great is it that the hero and villain in a blockbuster Hollywood epic are both played by Aussies whilst being directed by a Kiwi, that’s awesome. The plot is straight up ridiculous and the downside to the humor is that the film never has the emotional depth for you to really care about the characters. It’s a better comedy than it is a traditional superhero action film, almost the antithesis to the ‘Dark Knight’, colourful, imaginative, unbelievable, light, fun, and with a kick ass soundtrack. I highly recommend this to both fans and non fans of the superhero genre. I’m not a fan of the genre and I had a very enjoyable time. This may be the funniest film I’ve seen in 2017, a fairly bleak year for cinema. Here’s to more superhero films like this. 7/10

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