Film Review: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (2022)

Jaw drop. Just finished watching the new film ‘Everything, Everywhere All At Once’. When the credits rolled I was speechless trying to comprehend what I had just seen. Having had time to think about it, I think it’s the most fun I’ve had in the cinema in years. Hilarious, insane, shocking, a wild ride of sci fi, fantasy, martial arts action and comedy that ends with something moving and profound. The plot is hard to describe, but in the simplest terms it follows an anxious Asian American woman as she set on a bonkers adventure to save the universe by accessing multiple versions of herself through the multiverse. Yet the feeling of watching the film is hard to put into words. Some of the images I saw I couldn’t believe I was seeing in a cinema. I laughed along with the whole cinema harder and longer than any other movie in years. It’s unbelievably original, like a Rick and Morty episode meets the Matrix meets an acid trip. But more than the action and comedy it’s real power lies in its philosophical message that was so wise and profound I teared up. The editing is like bullets, Michelle Yeoh is Olympic in her acting feats, the zany humour is unlike anything I’ve seen in years. The word of mouth of the film is growing. This film is one of the most original films of this century. Do yourself a favour and watch movie history being made. 10/10

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