‘Holy Motors’ 2012


‘Holy Motors’ 2012,

Director: Leos Carax, Stars: Denis Lavant, Edith Scob, Eva Mendes, Kylie Minogue.

Spare Me This Movie!

‘Holy Motors’ the critical darling of Cannes, is simultaneously one of the weirdest and one of the least interesting films I’ve seen in a long time. Although slavishly, and desperately seeking, by all and any means, to show shocking and weird scenes and situations loosely stung together by a plot of meaningless meanders down dead end story lines; at its most basic level ‘Holy Motors’ surely represents the least original of cinematic moods, evocations, and styles: the pretentious-self-pitying-European (especially French)-cynical-self conscious-ponderous-wank fest. Do not be fooled by talk of its originality and strangeness, in its very desperate attempt to be strange and original ‘Holy Motors’ is self-defeating; originality for the sake of originality is not original and strangeness presented as an assorted carnival of the strange is boring. Show me a film that revels in the glory of existence, the beauty of life and the mystery of love and I’ll be shocked by its originality and strangeness. But please spare me the life-is-painful-smoking-French-turd. Absurdity is a convention. But who knows you might enjoy it. (End rant). 2/10, C-, *1/2